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Why have I not posted in my LJ since like 1987? I dunno. Nothing to say? Preoccupation with Facebook as I veer away from things like LJ and Myspace? Both seem to be riddled with exes and people I just don't like. Facebook is a bit more interactive. Whatever, this isn't an ad for Facebook. I'm just saying I need to get up in here and write more.

I also need some inspiration, though, so it'd be neat if a friend or two gave me some suggestions. :)
Let's Go Crazy

Better you than me.

I'm glad the weather's finally chilling out. While the bay area's heat is nothing compared to the exhausting and moist heat of the east coast, it still can roast a brother.

My sister Melissa had another miscarriage. This makes her second one in about 3 years. I'm not sure what she is doing to those things when they are inside of her. I would feel weird about having 3 kids by 3 different dads and also being a portal of death for 2 other kids. Weird. PS. She is the creepy one who thinks I had sex with my brother. WTF?

In other news, my sisters Laurie and Kathy are finally getting along with my mom again. This is good news. Now I have one less counseling session topic each week. Now, my sisters won't guilt trip my mom into an early death. However, Laurie will never be good at returning phone calls. Despite the fact she is dating the guy who drove drunk and killed my brother, she's still the same ol sister I always knew.

I need to live a less complicated life, lol. Less complicated people. Less complicated feelings and whatnot. I'm beginning to think that all life is is a series of disruptive complications and that's not good. I have to find some kind of peace. Something tells me I will be searching for this for a very long time.
Let's Go Crazy

A momentary reprieve.

3:35:37 AM Christopher McKay: oh good lord ryan
3:35:51 AM ryaneastonVS: ?
3:35:57 AM Christopher McKay: are you drunk
3:36:07 AM ryaneastonVS: it's 11:35am, so i fucking hope not :-)
3:36:11 AM Christopher McKay: LOL
3:36:18 AM Christopher McKay: this time change is retarded
3:36:28 AM Christopher McKay: i am mega drunk
3:36:31 AM ryaneastonVS: if you talked to me before i went to bed at 5am, the answer would have been yes, oh yes indeed
3:36:37 AM Christopher McKay: LOL
3:36:41 AM Christopher McKay: and you're sober now?
3:36:44 AM Christopher McKay: i would be still drunk
3:36:52 AM ryaneastonVS: i'm always sober when i wake up
3:37:02 AM Christopher McKay: such an irish lad
3:37:05 AM Christopher McKay: you make me proud
3:37:10 AM ryaneastonVS: haha yeah, we bounce back so easily ;-)
3:37:14 AM Christopher McKay: indeed
3:37:26 AM Christopher McKay: brother, give me some wise words
3:37:56 AM ryaneastonVS: um IN THE KINGDOM OF THE BLIND, THE ONE EYED MAN IS KING, or something
3:38:15 AM Christopher McKay: good lord im ready to cut my remaining eye out then
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Let's Go Crazy


My friend Jeni, whom I haven't seen in about 2 years, is here.

I went to high school with her.

Time to get happy.
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Let's Go Crazy

Death as Art?

I've, personally, never believed that there is anything worth glorifying in the death of a person. Romanticizing a person's former life aside, death has become an abstract term resembling anything but the actual occurrence itself. Mostly, I peg this claimed "desensitized" nature on the fact that people have chosen to reclaim the idea of death and apply it to any form of cessation. The term "death" can be applied to anything - the "death" of a relationship, the "death" of punk rock, the "death" of original thought.

In the past couple years, artists trying to strike a chord with alarming and shocking "art" have gone to such lengths as to depict, reenact, and even promote actual death as "artistic" when the process is nothing but.

Recently, my research into animal rights has lead me to the story of Guillermo Vargas. Mr. Vargas is a college drop out who studied to be a special ed teacher before reinventing himself as a "self-taught artist." His "Exposición N° 1" installment from 2007 was lambasted for the depiction of a starving dog strapped to an iron cord and put on display for observers to watch as the emaciated animal slowly died to malnutrition.

The dog, named "Natividad," was a stray and had been used in the installment due to the lack of animal cruelty laws in Nicaragua. The installment had Natividad, a sickly-thin mutt, strapped to a metal cord attached to a corner in the room. With no food or water provided for the dog, the exhibit was supposed to be a reflection of human sensitivity to tragedy, of sorts. Named after a Nicaraguan drug addict who was mauled to death by two rottweilers while in the presence of Costa Rican law enforcement and media, the animal gained a bit of underground celebrity as a martyr for animal cruelty and its relationship to radical, new inventions and definitions of "art" and its repercussions.

Apparently, the dog's "sacrifice" was to bring to attention the lack of "care" people had to the struggle/despair of others. Evidently, no one interceded in the death of the drug addict, thus, the dog's easily-prevent death going undisturbed was a display of the inherent "desensitization" the public feels about death.

Feel free to google the information as I'm not going to directly link anything associated with the display.

In a world which is increasingly becoming the definition of "apocalyptic," are we supposed to find death-on-display as artistic? Emotional attachments to "furry, cute" animals aside, are we really supposed to glean some sort of appreciation or awakening out of the slow death of a being? Make no mistake - animals have been documented as having a conscience, emotions, and self-awareness (to an extent). Does this mean we can use them as subjects in public experiments? Private experiments (testing on animals for cosmetics or pharmaceuticals)?

When "sacrifice" or "loss" becomes an emotionally tangible process, will we learn to respect the sanctity of life? Do we have to circumvent the natural process to enact some sort of action in others? How many innocent bystanders have to die, unknowingly, to prove as educational for people who live lives of immense over-stimulation?

Has the right to freedom of speech taken more than a century to lash out, violently, against its progeny? What is the solution?